Constituency Map

Constituency Map Assignment

Converge Interns are required to complete a Community Map, or a Constituency Map, which portrays your mission at the center of the circle, then the inner circle of people who work most closely with you, then the middle circle groups or partner organizations that you relate to through those people, and finally the people or groups you need to partner with in order to fulfill your mission.

As an Internship Coordinator, this "map" represents your constituency. Your Constituency Map may include a YWAM Center or UofN Campus, and/or universities in the city where you live, and Organizations with Key Leaders of NGO's, Businesses, Schools, Clinics, etc. Those Key Leaders are potentially Hosts for Converge Internships.

Your task as an Internship Coordinator is to help connect students to internships with host organizations in your sphere of influence. Your assignment is to draw your Constituency Map and list several potential host organizations, the names of key leaders of those organizations, the contact information, and the types of internships you might expect them to create for their organizations. List at least five potential hosts. 

Your assignment is to create your own Constituency Map (on a Word Doc or a manual drawing) and post it here. 

SMC Constituency Map.jpg
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